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What should I bring to the Dealership

1. What Do I Need to Bring When I Visit Your Dealership?

Bringing the correct documents to Orlando Car Deals dealership can dramatically speed up your purchase process. Although the list of items can differ depending on your unique credit situation , 

  • Driver's license
  • Proof of automobile insurance
  • A great attitude
  • Social Security number
  • Proof of residence (mortgage document or rental lease agreement, Piece of mail sent to you.)
  • References (6 needed with complete contact info. they can not live with you and no  2 can have the same address)
  • Proof of employment (paycheck stubs, with one less than 30 days old) Bank statements or Tax return work also
  • Current phone bill (or other utility bill such as gas, electric or water) helps but not mandatory
  • Down payment amount in cash, debit card or debit. NO CHECKS! (tax advance also accepted see dealer for more info)

Buy-here, pay-here

Buy here, pay here
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In an automobile dealership, buy here, pay here, often abbreviated as BHPH, refers to a method of running an automobile dealership in which dealers themselves extend credit to purchasers of automobiles.[1] Typically, purchasers of cars at BHPH dealerships have poor credit history, and loans have high interest rates.[1] BHPH can provide options for those unable to meet credit standards elsewhere.
1 History and background
2 Issues
3 Regulations in the United States
4 References
History and background
The BHPH Industry originated primarily in the early 1970s during the United States savings and loan crisis. With many similarities to the financial crisis of 2007-2010 credit was difficult to obtain, unemployment was rising & the economy was still in a transformation from a production-based economy to a service-based economy.
Automobile dealers who still wanted to sell cars had to find a way to deal with the increasing price of vehicles relative to income. They had to sell these vehicles to wary consumers who were unwilling or unable to pay cash for the new purchase at the point of purchase. In many cases, when banks would not lend to the consumer, the automobile dealer would start a related finance company (RFC) and have the finance company approve the loan on the vehicle. This represented a step into the consumer finance business for automobile dealers. The advantage to the dealership of having an RFC finance was decreased risk on the sale and finance of the vehicles sold. Since both the RFC and the dealership had the same ownership, the owners could benefit from the profit on the sale of the vehicle and the profit on the loan for the vehicle. Historically, the down payment required on a BHPH loan was generally larger than the total profit on the sale of the vehicle. Therefore, if the buyer didn’t make payments, the RFC could repossess the vehicle and sell it again at the dealership. Since 2008, many outside lending institutions have entered the market and the average down payment on a BHPH loan has significantly decreased, as dealers try to maintain a share of the market.[2] Many of the benefits of separating the RFC out from the BHPH dealership are based in the tax code changes of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. The Act restricted any companies that utilize inventory in their operating business from using cash accounting.[3]
Due to the high upfront cost of securing inventory, automobile dealerships frequently have a problem managing their cash flow. Often, used car dealerships purchase inventory using a retail floorplan, a type of specialty line of credit, that typically requires the automobile to be paid off in full within 90 days of purchase. This means that automobile dealers use loans to finance their operations and therefore have an interest in selling vehicles as quickly as possible in order to use the proceeds to pay off the loan rather than paying off the loan out of their working capital. One difficulty that this presents to BHPH dealers is that when they sell a vehicle to a BHPH customer the RFC needs to produce the loan funds so the dealership will have the funds to pay off the line of credit on that automobile. Often a ‘cash crunch’ is a primary reason for dealerships to go out of business.
Regulations in the United States
Related finance companies are not regulated as strictly as banks by the Federal Reserve, rather they are regulated by the Department of Financial Institutions or Department of Commerce on a State level depending on the State. Regulations may include maximum interest rate, late fee amounts, grace periods and so forth. Some of the companies that have started as RFCs have grown large enough that they became Industrial Banks which are FDIC Insured banks owned by non-financial institutions.
 "'Buy Here, Pay Here' Businesses Move Into Leasing". All Things Considered. NPR. 2012-01-19. Retrieved 10 February 2012.
 "The History of Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships". Retrieved 5 November 2016.

How does buy-here, pay-here financing work

When you buy and finance a car at a traditional car dealership, you choose a car and then the dealer typically passes your information to a network of potential third-party lenders. If you’re approved for a car loan, you make monthly payments to the lender that finances the loan.

Buy-here, pay-here dealerships flip the car-buying process in a few key ways. These dealerships sell and finance the cars straight off their lots — you might see them advertise with “we finance” or “no credit, no problem.”

If you plan to buy a car through a buy-here, pay-here dealership, you may be asked to verify your income and proof of residence, but the dealer typically won’t check your credit. Once the dealership determines the loan amount you qualify for, it will show you cars within that price range.

Orlando Car Deals can approve anyone with our buy here pay here program   just ask us for details.  844-700-DOWN   

Myths about Buy Here Pay Here

6 Common Myths About Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

As I was doing some research for another article I am writing, I ran across 3 different articles about why people with damaged credit who were looking for a vehicle should avoid buying from a Buy Here – Pay Here dealership. I was amazed at some of the reasons they cited. It reminded me of some of the misinformation that was taken for fact during the debate on the 3 bills introduced to regulate the BHPH industry in California late last year. And, frankly, it made me a little angry.

I have compiled 6 of the “facts” listed in these articles. Here they are:

1. The buyer/borrower can expect to pay in excess of 30% interest at a BHPH lot.

There are, of course, still dealers out there who charge the maximum rate allowable in their state but they are a minority. Various sources list the average interest rate at BHPH dealers slightly above or below 20% APR. Compare this with the average interest rate for all Deep Subprime (FICA score below 549) loans of 17.9% and Subprime (FICO scores of 550 – 619) at 14.4%. Because BHPH dealers lend their own money to people who generally can obtain any other financing, 28% seems fairly reasonable.Many dealers charge far less than 28%. 

2. Further, the dealer will try to get a down payment that is close to what he paid for the car. In other words, the down payment will cover the majority of the cost of the car. The payments and interest paid by the borrower are primarily profits to the BHPH dealer.

This is just old information. When Buy Here – Pay Here was first established in the 1950s, the typical business model was to require a down payment equal or close to the total inventory cost of the vehicles. However, the dramatic rise in wholesale vehicle prices coupled with the limited budgets of the average BHPH customer rendered this nearly impossible decades ago.

The interest collected rarely represents any substantial profit to the dealer. Interest collected is used to offset bad debt charge-offs. The risk assumed by the BHPH dealer is high and repossessions and charge-offs are a part of this business.

3. There may not be any warranty for breakdowns or expensive repairs. If the dealer includes a warranty, it may come with conditions such as a high deductible. If money is tight for the borrower, paying for repairs and continuing to make payments becomes very difficult.

OK, these statements are literally true. However, the writers imply that warranties are rare and, when problems arise, the customer is left on their own to figure it out. This just isn’t true at most BHPH dealerships today. 

More and more dealers are offering some kind of warranty with the vehicles they sell and many more have optional service contracts available. Products such as these that are specifically designed for BHPH dealers and the vehicles they sell continue to be more readily available at more reasonable cost. Competition alone continues to expand the number of dealers offering some kind of mechanical protection to their customers.

One of the single, most universal truths of the BHPH business is that, “When the car stops running, the customer stops paying”. BHPH dealers have been aware of this since the dawn of the industry. Most dealers will work with customers in the event of a breakdown to get the vehicle repaired and keep a good customer in the car and paying.

4. A late payment can result in extra charges or repossession. There can be late charges, immediate repossession or termination of the contract.

This one is also true but the implication is that BHPH dealers do this while banks and finance companies don’t and that is just not true. Any financial institution can, and does, add late fees, accelerate contracts and repossess collateral for delinquency and default on the contract.

Most of the articles I looked at also implied that BHPH dealers did these things as part of their business plan and at a far higher rate than other lenders. That is not accurate, either. There are many BHPH dealers who do not charge additional fees for late payments. They believe that having a late fee that applies after a certain period establishes a grace period in the customer’s mind and don’t want to create that impression. Most dealers who do not charge late fees also understand that it is difficult enough to get their principal and interest payments from customers with limited economic means, much less trying to get addition fees from those limited budgets. We’ll address repossessions in the next point.

5. BHPH dealers use a standard operating model to turn a car over five times a year. That’s why it’s hard to determine the size of this market, except that it is growing.

There are still a limited number of dealers who practice “churning”, that is, repossessing cars quickly and reselling them numerous times. This is one of the practices cited most often as one of the reasons the BHPH needed regulation during the debate over the 3 bills introduced in California. The issue is that the articles I read and the arguments in California declared that this practice was common, even a standard practice in the industry. This just isn’t true and even the worst offenders would have a hard time reselling the same vehicle 5 times in 12 months.

Most reputable BHPH dealers understand that their goal is to help each customer get to the end of their loan and pay it off. Most dealers understand that it is better to work with a customer who is trying and willing to work with the dealership than to repossess vehicles too quickly. It doesn’t happen with every deal but repossession should be a last option, not the first move a dealer makes with a delinquent customer.

6. The BHPH auto industry is not regulated and doesn’t commonly report its sales or payment history to outside sources

Unregulated ??? This one almost made me laugh. Here is a short list of some of the laws and regulations BHPH dealers must comply with:

  • State & Federal Unfair & Deceptive Practices laws
  • State Usury laws
  • The Truth in Lending Act
  • The Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act
  • The Used Car Rule
  • The Privacy Rule
  • The Safeguards Rule
  • The Disposal Rule
  • The Red Flags Rule
  • The Risk Based Pricing Rule
  • The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
  • and many more

As far as reporting payment history to outside sources, more BHPH dealers now report to the credit bureaus than ever before in the history of the business. Reporting to the bureaus is quickly becoming a standard for the industry, not an exception.

The Buy Here – Pay Here industry has long lived under a black cloud. These misconceptions represent just a few of the ones that have damaged the reputation of an industry that provides a valuable service to our communities and the segment of the population that we serve. Industry organizations such as the National Alliance of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers and the National Independent Automobile Dealer Association have and continue to work hard to overcome this stigma. It is important we all do whatever we can to shine the spotlight on the best and brightest in our industry and highlight the positives.

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Detailing your Interior

Tips for Auto Detailing Your Car Interior from Orlando Car Deals

Buying your very own car is a huge financial investment. Hence, it is very necessary to provide proper auto detailing to properly maintain it and ensure that all parts are in tip-top shape. 

One common mistake that car owners commit though is to focus their maintenance care on the exterior and completely neglecting the interior of your vehicle. But detailing the interior is so simple that you can do it yourself at home; hence, saving you potentially thousands of dollars from not hiring a professional to do it on your behalf. 

D I Y Interior Auto Detailing 

Car detailing is a simple procedure that requires no previous skill or expert knowledge. However, you need to follow proper instructions when doing your own interior auto detailing to ensure that the job is done correctly. 

You need to start by gathering the tools and equipment you need to make the job easier. For your own benefit, come up with a checklist for all the essential tools you need before getting started to save yourself from hassle and get the job done easily. The list of basic tools you need are outlined below. 

Once you have the tools you need for the detailing job, then you must follow the step by step procedure (also outlined below) to achieve the same professional detailing results without the staggering costs. 

Gathering Your Tools and Equipment

Most of the equipment or tools you need to perform this job are available in your household. Hence, there is no need to purchase them unless necessary or not readily available. The complete list of equipment you need are listed below:

• vacuum
• carpet shampoo and shampooer
• window cleaner
• brush
• microfiber towels
• leather cleaner
• detail spray, etc. 

Step by Step Procedure

To get you started, you need to remove all loose particles from the vehicle's compartment. Make sure it is free off any litter or foreign substances left behind, such as empty plastic bottles or cups, cigarette ashes, or any form of garbage. Once you have removed all visible litters, then you can take off the floor mat to begin cleaning out the interior.

Use detail spray to clean out the ashtray on your vehicle. If there are any unpleasant odors left behind, then you must use deodorizer. Use a compressor or microfiber cloth to eliminate any build up of dust or air, especially in the air vents. 

Then, power on your vacuum to ensure meticulous cleaning process and remove dust particles or other minute objects that are not easily visible to the naked eyes. Vacuum all parts of the vehicle's interior – from the seats, seat cracks, headliner, floor, door panels, cup holders, etc. 

In cleaning the seat covers and floor mats, make sure to remove it and wash it off separately using water and shampoo (or detergent). Once you have completely washed the car interior compartments, then you can put them back on for you to enjoy a seemingly brand new car interior.  

Word of Warning

You need to understand that detailing is another form of maintenance care. Hence, this must not be done one-time only but on a regular basis to ensure that you can retain the same quality and appearance for your car's interior as if it were brand new. However, interior auto detailing must be given equal priority as you would when caring for your exterior. In the end, you will benefit from it since you will enjoy comfort and longevity from your vehicle. 


Honda SUV's Like The Honda CR-V Can Be Traced Back 

One of the most popular Honda SUV’s on the market is the Honda CR-V, which is considered to be what is called a ‘crossover’ SUV. This Honda SUV is a car that has an SUV or sport utility vehicle look but is assembled on a more economical construction. The Honda SUV, CR-V, was ‘copied’ from the extremely popular Honda Civic in order to meet a growing demand for a SUV made by Honda. The letters CR-V stand for “comfortable runabout vehicle” and comes with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The very first Honda SUV that was planned ‘in house’ by Honda was the CR-V in 1996. While there was considerable uncertainty as to whether or not this type of Honda SUV could sell as well as it’s forerunner, the Honda Passport, the CR-V was introduced to the US market in 1997. The CR-V has consistently maintained exceptional sales ever since.

The first CR-V was designed and produced from 1996 through 1998 known as the LX model trim. Attractive features included rear-folding seats, a picnic table stored in the rear floor and plastic covered front and rear bumpers as well as fender wells. The next model CR-V was on the market from 1998 to 2001 and didn’t change the body style but increased the engine power from the original and was changed to an engine that produces 146-horse power and additional torsion. The beauty of this increase was that it did not affect the fuel consumption or price of the car.

The next line of Honda CR-V’s was from 2002 through 2005 and the build of this Honda SUV was given a complete restyling based on the most recent Civic model. The new CR-V was also given a more powerful engine with 106-horse power and increased torsion. This new engine still offered the same fuel economy as the previous Honda CR-V models. This Honda SUV was awarded the Car and Driver magazine’s award for best small SUV of 2002 and 2003.

In 2005, the CR-V received only a minor model change with 16-inch wheels instead of 15 inch, which has been on the earlier models. The taillights were also changes from the color amber to red and white. The 2005 CR-V was also equipped with front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes and side-curtain airbags. While the next CR-V model has not yet been unveiled, many are guessing that the new model will have more power in addition to the option of having an onboard navigation system.

Make sure you check out the exciting new 2006 Honda CR-V at Honda dealers now!

Chevy Surburban

Chevrolet Suburban – A Smart Choice

Something that also brought a bright future for Chevrolet is the Chevrolet Suburban keychain. This is a keychain range which consists of seven extremely well crafted designs. The ranges offer two colors. Both the colors are universally liked by Car and speed lover i.e. black and silver.

Chevrolet Suburban is the largest Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) from Chevrolet. This company has been there in United States since 1935. Chevrolet Suburban was first introduced as the Chevrolet Suburban Carryall in 1935. Suburban has been produced under this name for a most anticipated and bright future for Chevrolet.

If you are not too much into style and want something simple you can go for the Chevrolet Suburban leather silver keychain or for the Chevrolet Suburban leather gold keychain. Both the keychains are set in absolute black leather of the best quality and gives you that posh look.

If you are someone, who wants to look different you can go for the Chevrolet Suburban metal oval keychain. This has a mosaic look at the base and a black circle on top, which makes it unique.

If black is not the color of your choice then this range has three silver keychains. These three keychains are very different from each other and each has an appeal of its own. The Chevrolet Suburban valet key chain and the Chevrolet Suburban teardrop key chain have that perfect look for those, who like to leave their keychains hanging from pockets, or who like to use them as zipper accessory.

The best of the lot and the most unique is the Chevrolet Suburban Steering wheel keychain. This looks like a real steering wheel and is tiny and yet is very attractive. For people who love to sport that speed look, this is a great accessory to have.

The Chevrolet Suburban Chrome circle keychain is another design which is there for those who love simplicity and black. All the keychains can be engraved with anything that you want.

The key chains are ones with novelty that will keep the keys in order and in style. They are beautiful pieces of art. The silver key chains have a solid ring with the logo and Suburban written on it. The name and logo is a perfect harmony with the Chevrolet Suburban keychain. The key ring is made of extraordinary quality of stainless steel. It is definitely an excellent piece of accessory that should be bought.

Chevrolet Suburban key chains make a wonderful gift to the guests and friends. It is unique and people can use and take them wherever they go. You can get anything you want engraved on this and give it that personal touch. If you own a Chevrolet car, this makes your car and your look complete. It gives you the custom made finish with all that you want engraved behind it, and all this for a cost of just a few pounds.

Confused about what to present your son, neighbor, husband or boss, give them one of these key chains and you are sure to make their day.

Maintaince makes a difference

Prevent Costly Damage To Your SUV's Cooling System

A car’s cooling system always has a tough time doing the job it has that it was designed to do – carry off excess engine heat.

Rust may clog the passages of your radiator. Why chance expensive engine damage or the ruin of a vacation due to unnecessary radiator damage. Radiator inefficiencies due to simple neglect of maintenance and prevention.

Rust may clog the passageways of your car or SUV’s radiator. Hard water deposits a scale much like the mineral scales that clog your coffeemaker, humidifier or kettle at the lake cottage. These mineral scale deposits reduce heat transfer in your radiator. Simply put your radiator will not be able to cool your car engine. Your car or SUV will   overheat. Your car engine, trip vacation at least your day will be inconvenienced and perhaps ruined. Even more if two different metals touch inside your radiator system them electrolytic corrosion can and will occur. Further trouble and radiator damage is possible.

If conditions are ideal or more than ideal for rust to form – rust is guaranteed to form and deposit in the waterways of your vital radiator. Rust makes up about 90 % of all solids that can choke up the water flowing areas if your radiator- including the water storage “water jacket” areas.

Scale is a deposit of the solids left by the evaporation of the water and radiator antifreeze. These scales that are formed and deposited in your radiator and cooling system are very similar to the scale that forms inside a teakettle or coffeemaker after the boiling of hard water. What the solids are composed of depends upon the nature of the water itself but they most commonly include calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate and magnesium oxides.

Electrolytic corrosion can result from soldered seams in older style copper radiator, copper gaskets in contact with other metals, brazed joints in steel tubes and imperfect plaiting on steel or other metal parts. An electrolytic current is set up and the metal most active electro chemically slowly dissolves.

What can you do to prevent all this damage to your radiator and the grief and costs involved? As always the key words are prevention, prevention and prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth kilograms of cure.

Radiator saboteurs can be averted by radiator cleaners and inhibitors used properly. You will prevent most of your troubles in your car of SUV’s vital and expensive to repair cooling systems.

Fall and spring cleaning of a cooling system should always include- clearing out rust and scale with a chemical cleaner. It never hurts as well to have a competent auto repair shop conduct a thorough flush of your radiator. Basically your car’s radiator is flushed “backwards” with a strong flow of coolant to remove heavily trapped sediment and that horrible scaling. Lastly and in addition during these cleaning and preventative maintenance procedures you should insist that a radiator rust inhibitor be added to your radiator coolant. A Radiator Rust Inhibitor is a blend of rust inhibitors, lubricants and biocides that restores rust- and oxidation-inhibiting properties to coolant, promoting cooling system life. Furthermore, it provides lubricant to coolant that reduces and eliminates water pump noise.

All in all isn’t maintaining your car’s cooling system an investment in your time and energy?

Types of Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Top Gas Powered Cars that are Fuel Efficient 

Types of Fuel Efficient Vehicles

It is important that you understand your options when it comes to fuel efficient vehicles. There are many different types that you can choose from. Some of them only have two wheels while others have four. In the category of two wheels you have motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters. 

In many ways they are all the same but there are enough significant differences to classify them differently. For example a motorcycle can obtain much higher speeds that a moped or scooter. There are also laws that pertain to where you can ride mopeds and scooters. 

They often aren’t allowed on highways and freeways were there is a very high speed limit. They are mainly used for in town riding. There is also a lower age limit in many areas for them than motorcycles. You will have to refer to the specific laws and regulations in your particular area though. 

Those fuel efficient vehicles that feature four wheels include hybrids, those that operate off of bio-diesel, and fuel efficient gas powered cars. All of them feature a variety of different models by various manufacturers. Since they are becoming more in demand you will find that more of them are being offered in order to keep up with consumer demands.
Spots 6 and 7 in the top 10 fuel efficient vehicles are both by Nissan. First you have the Nissan Altima which is a medium sized vehicle. It has a nice rounded design along the back side which makes it look more expensive than it really is. The fuel savings won’t be as high as with some of the other vehicles we have talked about.

Yet if comfort is very important to you then this could be the one to choose. You will be able to get 31 miles per gallon on the highway and 32 in town. This is a 4-cylinder vehicle that has enough power to keep even a picky car owner very satisfied. 

Next is the Nissan Sentra which offers just about the same miles per gallon as the sister Altima does. The main difference is that his sedan is an automatic while just about all of the other fuel efficiency vehicles including the Altima are manual. 

Watch out for bigger and better things on the horizon from Toyota in the area of fuel efficient vehicles as well. They are very proud to be filling up the last three slots on the top ten countdown. The fact that they have more vehicles on this list than any other manufacturer means they really are dedicated to helping both the environment and consumers. 

The Toyota Camry has always been well loved by consumers as it is a well designed vehicle. It is comfortable and it handles extremely well. This was one of the top selling models for years before gas prices became so difficult to fit into the budget. 

This particular vehicle is also available as a hybrid but there is a long waiting list to get your hands on one right now. The regular model offers about the same miles per gallon both on the highway and in town with a number of about 34. However, the hybrid will give you about 44 miles per gallon which is significantly higher.

The Toyota Corolla is a smaller model than the Camry but still a very good vehicle. It is less expensive as well so if you are looking to get something to work well in your budget this could be it. If you haven’t been impressed with the body style though keep an eye out for the new design in 2009.

The Toyota Corolla is available in both manual and automatic transmissions which is nice for consumers. Which one you choose won’t make too much of a difference as far as your fuel mileage is concerned though. You should be able to get 35 miles per gallon on the highway and 26 miles per gallon in town.

You will be amazed at the gas savings you will get with the number ten on the list. It is the Toyota Prius which can get 48 miles per gallon on the highway and 45 on the highway. Many consumers don’t like the style of this vehicle though. They feel the back end looks smashed or like it wasn’t finished. The square look can make the entire vehicle look odd.

Yet if you really want something that is going to save you money at the pump, this fuel efficient vehicle can certainly do so. It does have a futuristic look to it that many people just aren’t ready for yet. While they agree it handles nice and is roomy, it can be hard to commit to a vehicle you aren’t going to want to see in your driveway each morning. 

Music in my ride

A Good Auto Sound System is a Requirement not a Luxury  Orlando Car Deals

How do you decide which auto sound system is best for you? This is a question that many consumers ask in the U. S. each and every day. The truth is that only you can decide what kind of sound you find enjoyable and what you are seeking in the sound system you will ultimately purchase. A good sound system will greatly improve how you feel about not only the vehicle you drive but also your disposition after your daily commute. It may seem like such a small thing, the changing of a sound system, but it does seem to have such a profound impact on how we start our days. Of course we all know that getting your day off to a good start sets the tone for the entire day and if that day is Monday it sets the tone for not only the day ahead but also the week to come.

Music affects almost every aspect of our lives. Most of us do not realize the impact that music has on our day-to-day lives and it is quite difficult because our world seems to be filled with it. It is much easier however, to explain the difference a good sound system makes. It's funny, I find myself in a hurry to get out of stores that have lousy sound systems and speakers that dribble out little more than static while I can shop for hours in a store that has tasteful music playing in the background over a good sound system. I prefer the volume lower and the music playing in the background rather than being the center of my attention.

Most of us find that soft music playing in the background is rather unobtrusive and allows us to get along with our thoughts and the mission at hand while loud music blaring over antiquated speakers does a great deal to disrupt our thought processes which will only serve to send us along to the next errand on our list. If you'll notice it seems that clerks in the stores where the loud music blares along are often not as even tempered as those in stores that play music at respectful volumes and have very well kept sound systems. I think I would be cranky too after listening to music in a manner that music wasn't meant to be heard. 

I'm not a music snob by any means; I simply enjoy listening to music for the sake of actually hearing the music. Loud music is good sometimes but not when I have other things on my mind. I prefer that music remain in the background when I'm running about taking care of errands, even in the car. The hallmark of a good auto sound system is that it sounds good even at low volumes. This means you can enjoy music in the background, hum along, or simply ignore the music in favor of the action taking place on the road. 

The point I'm trying to make is that even though you may not realize the impact that a good auto sound system has on music immediately, you will definitely feel the difference it makes over time. The better the sound system, the better the sound and music is after all, sound. 

If you are a true lover of music and spend a great deal of your week or even any given day in your vehicle, doesn't it make sense to invest heavily in your auto sound system? I know for me that particular decision is a no brainer. I love music and it is an important part of not only my life but also the lives of my children. As a result we spend a lot of time listening to the radio in our SUV and singing along. Even when we aren't listening to music, I enjoy listening talk radio and the news on NPR. These things are an important part of my day and I really enjoy all that each and every one adds to my life. Because of that, I find my investment in a good auto sound system to be a requirement rather than a luxury.
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