Top Gas Powered Cars that are Fuel Efficient 

Types of Fuel Efficient Vehicles

It is important that you understand your options when it comes to fuel efficient vehicles. There are many different types that you can choose from. Some of them only have two wheels while others have four. In the category of two wheels you have motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters. 

In many ways they are all the same but there are enough significant differences to classify them differently. For example a motorcycle can obtain much higher speeds that a moped or scooter. There are also laws that pertain to where you can ride mopeds and scooters. 

They often aren’t allowed on highways and freeways were there is a very high speed limit. They are mainly used for in town riding. There is also a lower age limit in many areas for them than motorcycles. You will have to refer to the specific laws and regulations in your particular area though. 

Those fuel efficient vehicles that feature four wheels include hybrids, those that operate off of bio-diesel, and fuel efficient gas powered cars. All of them feature a variety of different models by various manufacturers. Since they are becoming more in demand you will find that more of them are being offered in order to keep up with consumer demands.
Spots 6 and 7 in the top 10 fuel efficient vehicles are both by Nissan. First you have the Nissan Altima which is a medium sized vehicle. It has a nice rounded design along the back side which makes it look more expensive than it really is. The fuel savings won’t be as high as with some of the other vehicles we have talked about.

Yet if comfort is very important to you then this could be the one to choose. You will be able to get 31 miles per gallon on the highway and 32 in town. This is a 4-cylinder vehicle that has enough power to keep even a picky car owner very satisfied. 

Next is the Nissan Sentra which offers just about the same miles per gallon as the sister Altima does. The main difference is that his sedan is an automatic while just about all of the other fuel efficiency vehicles including the Altima are manual. 

Watch out for bigger and better things on the horizon from Toyota in the area of fuel efficient vehicles as well. They are very proud to be filling up the last three slots on the top ten countdown. The fact that they have more vehicles on this list than any other manufacturer means they really are dedicated to helping both the environment and consumers. 

The Toyota Camry has always been well loved by consumers as it is a well designed vehicle. It is comfortable and it handles extremely well. This was one of the top selling models for years before gas prices became so difficult to fit into the budget. 

This particular vehicle is also available as a hybrid but there is a long waiting list to get your hands on one right now. The regular model offers about the same miles per gallon both on the highway and in town with a number of about 34. However, the hybrid will give you about 44 miles per gallon which is significantly higher.

The Toyota Corolla is a smaller model than the Camry but still a very good vehicle. It is less expensive as well so if you are looking to get something to work well in your budget this could be it. If you haven’t been impressed with the body style though keep an eye out for the new design in 2009.

The Toyota Corolla is available in both manual and automatic transmissions which is nice for consumers. Which one you choose won’t make too much of a difference as far as your fuel mileage is concerned though. You should be able to get 35 miles per gallon on the highway and 26 miles per gallon in town.

You will be amazed at the gas savings you will get with the number ten on the list. It is the Toyota Prius which can get 48 miles per gallon on the highway and 45 on the highway. Many consumers don’t like the style of this vehicle though. They feel the back end looks smashed or like it wasn’t finished. The square look can make the entire vehicle look odd.

Yet if you really want something that is going to save you money at the pump, this fuel efficient vehicle can certainly do so. It does have a futuristic look to it that many people just aren’t ready for yet. While they agree it handles nice and is roomy, it can be hard to commit to a vehicle you aren’t going to want to see in your driveway each morning.